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In case you want to review anything you learnt at this school before, please visit these other websites:
Básico 1
· comenzó a construirse el día 08/01/2012.

Básico 1
· (new book) comenzó a construirse el día 01/07/2013 y sigue en construcción.
Básico 2
· comenzó a construirse el día 08/01/2012 y sigue en construcción.

Básico 2
· (new book) comenzó a construirse el día 25/07/2014 y sigue en construcción.

Intermedio 1
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Intermedio 1

Intermedio 2
· comenzó a construirse el día 20/09/2014 y sigue en construcción.

Avanzado 1

Avanzado 2
· comenzó a construirse el día 25/07/2013 y sigue en construcción.

María Ángeles A.

Si quieres conocer a personas online interesadas como tú en aprender y practicar otro idioma (en tu caso inglés) y hablar con ellos a través del ordenador puedes darte de alta en:
http://www.busuu.com/es (va por niveles de conocimiento de inglés)

Otra página que también es interesante para que puedas practicar inglés es:

Existen otras páginas que aunque cobren, se puede disfrutar de muchos recursos que ofrecen gratis:
https://es.verbling.com/ (se puede asistir a clases gratis sólo como oyente).
http://www.italki.com/ (la idea de esta web es parecida a busuu, sobre todo viene bien para practicar el escrito).
https://www.couchsurfing.org/ (la utiliza mucha gente para alojarse gratis en casas, quedar con gente, etc. pero que puede usarse para también practicar el idioma ya que puedes quedar con angloparlantes que vienen a visitar tu ciudad, les haces un poco de compañía unas horas, le enseñas la ciudad y así practicas tu inglés “gratis”.)

· First Day of Class

A summary of all the verb tenses you should have already learnt before starting Avanzado 2.


Click on the first column to your left to get into each of the units (unit 9-16).
You can get into the different sections as well by clicking on the sections highlighted in different colours (although it's still easier to access to the whole information by clicking on the very left column).


· Unit 09: Carees and Studying

· describe good and bad aspects of your working life
· explain your feelings about the future
· give better presentations
· Conditionals with present tenses
· Conditionals with past tenses
· Working Life
· Starting presentations
· My First Job
· How're you finding your job?
· A Dying Breed
· The Bologna Process
· Feelings about the Future

· Unit 10: Socialising

· describe how people celebrate events
· suggest different times / places to meet
· deal with awkward social situations
· start and end different kinds of converstions
· The future perfect
· Question tags
· Making Mistakes
· Talking about parties
· Watch What You Say!
· Going out to Celebrate
· Starting Converstions
· Arranging to meet

· Unit 11; Transport and Travel

· describe the features of different kinds of vehicles (1)
· rent a car (2, 4)
· talk about problems with vehicles (3)
· talk about good / bad drivers (10)
· Uncountable nouns (8)
· Emphatic structures (11)
· Problems with vehicles (3)
· Driving (9, 10)
· Amazing Journeys (7)
· Renting a car (6)
· Reporting problems (6)
· Driving in Different Countries (7)
·Expressing Shock (5)

· Unit 12: Health and Medicine

· describe health problems (1, 2)
· pass on symphathetic messages (5)
· tell jokes (11)
· discuss issues connected to health systems
· supposed to be, should and shouldn't (6)
· Determiners (12)
· Health problems (3)
· Parts of the Body and Illnesses (8)
· Unit 12 Vocabulary
· Laughter is the Best Medicine (9)
· Health and sickness jokes (9)
· Suddenly Falling Ill
· Medical Tourism (13)
· Passing on Messages (5)

· Unit 13: Life Events

· describe major life events in more detail
· report facts you are not a hundred per cent sure of
· discuss gossip and news about people (3)
· complain about annoying habits
· The past perfect simple and continuous (2)
· be always -ing / wish and would
· Life events (collocations) (1)
· Birth, Marriage and Death
· Avoiding Conflicts
· Catching up with News and Gossip
· Key Life Events around the World
· Showing Uncertainty (5)

· Unit 14: Banks and Money

· deal with banks
· apologise and explain problems in formal settings
· use descriptive literary language
· express regrets
· passives
· wish
· Banks and Money
· Metaphor
· The Magic Moneybag (1)
· Money-Related Problems
· The Magic Moneybag (2)
· A Debate about the Lottery
· Apologising and Offering Explanations

· Unit 15: Food

· name different kinds of food
· explain how to cook things
· give approximate meanings
· link ideas more clearly
· revision of linking words
· reporting verbs
· food and cooking
· prefixes
· food in the news
· con-fusion food
· How do you cook it?
· food-related news stories
· vague language

· Unit 16: Business

· explain why you are phoning
· be more polite in business contexts
· pronounce email addresses and websites
· talk about markets, companies and products more fluently
· The future continuous
· Expressing necessity and ability
· Reasons for Phoning
· Building up a Business
· Business Collocations
· Ten Characteristics of Successful People
· The Green Tourism Guru
· I'm Just Phoning to ...
· Dream and Achieve
· Using "would" to be Polite


Phrasal Verbs
Watch the videos.


Cambridge / Collins / Wordreference (to look for words, sentences or definitions in English).


School calendar
Review the most important instructions you should know to do your exams.

Exam instructions
Check what the instructions are for this school year.

Cómo y en qué formato entregar los "writings" en clase a la profesora para que los corrija.
Plantilla para escribir un writing.JPG


October 31st
Guy Fawkes
November 5th
International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
(November 25th)
Thanksgiving / Black Friday
(the 4th Thursday in November)
December 22nd - January 7th
International Women's Day
(March 8th)
St. Patrick's Day
(March 17th)
First Day of Spring
(March 21st)
World Book and Copyright Day
(April 23rd)

Use of English:

Review some grammar aspects.
Use of "that"

Verb tenses
Here you will find all possible tenses for all the different levels you can study at this school.


Hollidays (B2)
Read some interesting facts about different hollidays.
Jokes B2
Read and laugh.
Cloze Texts

Miscelaneous Texts for the Reading Exam

Reading Texts - **Multiple Choice** (a, b, c, d)

USA Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets (Upper levels)
Practise your reading skill working with different texts taken from a real English source.


About London
Listen and watch some videos to learn more about London.
British History
Watch and listen to some videos about the History of Great Britain.
English TV and films
Click here: http://trabajoeninglaterra.org/video-ver-la-television-britanica-desde-espana-en-dos-pasos
Enjoy Videos!
Watch different videos to improve your listening skills.
EOI Ciudad Real
Listen to these audios for B2 (with comprehension activities).
La Mansión del Inglés
Listen to these audios on this web site.
Listening Practice
Listen to different stories while you read.
Listen to these videos
Listen to this story about some friends (it is from the Elementary level).
Watch and listen to some videos about London.
Miscelaneous Activities for the Listening Exam

Monica's blog
Listen to some recordings on Monica's web.
Muzzy's Videos
Enjoy Muzzy's videos.
On the phone
Listen to some dialogues about people talking on the phone.
Listen to these songs and sing along.
Talk English
Listen to these audios and do the comprehension activities.
Vaughan Radio
Listen to a radio programme where you can learn and improve your English.
Vaughan TV
Listen and watch a TV programme where you can learn and improve your English.


Types of writings:
An Article

A Complaint Letter

An Essay
Parts of an Essay
A Personal Statement
How to write a personal statement.
A Report
How to write a report.
A Review
How to write a review.
A Short Story

http://writingeoi.blogspot.com.es/p/types-of-texts.html (text types)
Informal Letter / E-mail Writing
How to write it.
Formal Letter / E-mail Writing
How to write it.
Miscelaneous Activities for the Writing Exam

Writing Exam - June or September
In case you are still not sure on how to make the writing exam.

Other important information about writings:
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
What does it say about the Advanced level?
Connectors and Transitions
Take these connectors into account when you do your writings.



Linking Words and Phrases
Linking words and phrases you may use when you speak.
Slang and other colloquial expressions
Watch the videos.

Let's Debate!!!
The vocabulary you should try to use when you discuss with other people about a topic.

Giving a presentation
If you want to improve your skills at presentations, get on this site.
Miscelaneous Activities for the Speaking Exam

Role-plays for class
Some activities to work in class.

Speaking Exam - June or September
In case you are still not sure on how to make the speaking exam (pic description or role-play).

María Ángeles A.

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Fastest Talking Woman in the World: 11 words per second

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