The topics for the writing will be very SIMILAR to the topics you can find on this link:

Try to have these tips into account when you do your writing exam:

· connectors
· grammar structures that belong to the B2 level
(Also, be careful and use different verb tenses properly.)
· as much new vocabulary as possible related with the topic

· the appropriate format
for example, formal / informal language, letter / e-mail (I am looking forward to hearing from you.)

Try to use:
· idioms
for example, http://www.learn4good.com/languages/evrd_idioms/id-m.php3
· fixed structures or idioms
for example, on the public eye (http://www.eslwriting.org/3479/25-wordy-expressions/)

· too long paragraphs
(It might be difficult to see your point.)

Don't use:
· outlines
· questions (from direct speech).
Use indirect speech instead, if necessary, or explain what you want to ask using nice connectors.
· direct translations from Spanish

If you have to write a letter or email to someone, make clear who you are writing to and mantain it throughout all your writing (to say "you" sometimes might not be very clear if you are talking about different people).

María Ángeles A.