What do you think about this?

1. Who should "leader" the conversation in class? (Who should "talk" more?)
a) the teacher
b) the students

2. Depending on what you answered in question1, what percentage would you choose?
a) 100 - 0
b) 90 - 10
c) 80 - 20
d) 70 - 30
e) 60 - 40
f) 50 - 50

3. What voice should you listen to more in class? (Try to give an order to the three options in case you can't choose only one.)
a) the teacher's voice
b) my classmates' voices
c) other people's voices (CD's, youtube, etc.)

4. What do you think about these statements? Which one do you think is "more true"?
a) Teachers are not indispensable to learn a second language.
b) The only way to learn a language is by repeating and repeating.
c) You can only learn a language by living in the country where that language is spoken.

Grammar-Translation Method (s. XVIII and s. XIX, Fick)

Direct Method ESL Class (s. XIX, Berlitz)

Audiolingual Method (s. XX, 50's, Bloomfield, Noam Chomsky, Skinner) based on repetitions

Total Physical Response (s. XX, 70's, Asher)

Silent Way ESL Class (s.XX, 70's, Gateggno)

Suggestopedia (s. XX, 60's, Lozanov)

Natural Approach / Communicative Approach (s.XX, 70's, Terrel, Krashen) an interactive class based on communication
The goal of language is to communicate with it.

A sample of a present class

La EducaciĆ³n Prohibida