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Did you know that by staying healthy you can help treat waste water?
We have all heard "Laughter is the best medicine". Current studies on laughter effects on the brain and body, known as Gelotology may show some truth to the saying.
So, in what ways can laughter be good for you? Not only can laughing help relieve stress by reducing the levels of stress hormones such as dopamine and epinephrine but it also increases health enhancing hormones such as endorphins.
After a good laugh the blood pressure will briefly rise, but would then drop well below the normal level. Breathing will become deeper, which sends oxigen-rich blood throughout the body. The immune system can be strengthened by laughter since it increases the amount of antibody producing cells as well as enhancing the effectiveness of the t-cells. Laughter can also help distract people's minds from stress, fear and pain. Using laughter to promote healthy leaving has recently become popular all over the world. In India, a physician created "laughing yoga". It's a form of yoga that combines laughter with the breathing techniques or traditional yoga. Since it's creation, laughing yoga has caught on all over the world, over tens of thousands of laughter clubs have been created.
Laughter therapy has become increasingly used in hospitals as a way to relieve stress in patients facing scary operations in treatments, as well as distracting them from pain. As you can see, studies on laughter are showing that laughter is good for your health.
And what does all this have to do with treating wastewater? Did you know that people all over the world slash their medications down the toilet? and this medication might seat back (= return) into our waterways.
Moody healthy living helps reduce the need for prescription medications which in turn reduces the amount of medication that ends up in the waterways. So you can do your part to get healthy by laughfing. It's not only healthy, but it's also fun.

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