9. VOCABULARY - Driving

Can you drive?
Can you remember any of the problems you had when you first started driving? (e.g. learning how to use all the controls and pedals.)


used to stop the car moving when it is parked

put a light on to show which direction you are going to move in

parts of the road that are divided for cars to drive in

penalty points for breaking the law, e.g. speeding

hit or push with a lot of force
slam on the brakes
11 slam on the brakes.jpg

dar un frenazo
spin off the road
11 spin off the road.jpg

salirse de la carretera
11 swerve.jpg

change direction suddenly when you are driving
to flash

shine a light for a short time



an application or resort to another person or authority, esp. a higher one, as for a decision or confirmation of a decision
11 beep.jpg

a short high-pitched sound, esp. one made by the horn of a car, bicycle, etc., or by electronic apparatus
11 creep.jpg

to move slowly, quietly, or cautiously

to declare (an action or activity) criminal
11 Police-fixed-penalty-notice.jpg

a certain amount of money exacted as a penalty, e.g.:

- parking fine / parking ticket (a summons served for a parking offence)

- speeding ticket
- traffic fine
11 speed camera photo flash.jpg

go over the time

to exceed (a limit)
knocked over
11 knock over.jpg

to hit a pedestrian with a vehicle
11 lane.jpg

any of the parallel strips into which the carriageway of a major road or motorway is divided
11 notes UK.jpg

(UK) money in paper
11 oncoming.jpg

coming nearer in space or time; approaching
one-way (road)
11 one way road.jpg

one direction
over-the-top / over the top

over the limit; excessive(ly); lacking restraint or a sense of proportion
shoot out
11 shoot out.jpg

come out suddenly
shoot through red lights
11 shoot through red lights.jpg

11 signal.jpg

to indicate
11 signpost.JPG

a post bearing a sign that shows the way, as at a roadside
swear at someone
11 swear.jpg

to curse, blaspheme, or use swearwords
to take your life in your hands

to risk your life
tow away
11 tow away.jpg

to pull or drag (a vehicle, boat, etc.), esp. by means of a rope or cable
traffic warden
11 traffic warden.jpg

a person who is appointed to supervise road traffic and report traffic offences

11 WardenMessage.jpg

Take a look at these grammar patterns:
to be (really / very) careful (not)
to + verb
You have to be really careful not to be knocked over.
Be careful not to spill your coffee.
You need to be careful to avoid paying for extras.
to be careful
+ an adjectival clause (where, when, what, why)
You have to be careful where you park.
You have to be careful what you say to him.
be careful
+ -ing
Be careful crossing the road.

Getting points on your license (USA) / licence (UK)


Are you old enough to drive but no one wants to get in the car and die? then listen:
We are going to learn how to drive a car a mile. You need a car that is drivable, a license, keys and shoes. Shoes are very important.
This is your gas and brake, this one is brake and this one is gas. This is the emergency brake and this is where you put your foot because we don’t use it.
This is your clutch, it’s prindle: P, R, N, D. Park, reverse, neutral and drive. To use it, it has this little knob.
To begin, place yourself inside the car and put your seatbelt on. To put your seat belt on you grab it, you glide it across your chest and buckle it into the buckles.
Our car is new, so we don’t have a key. So you press the brake and you press this start button and it turns on. This is our rear view mirror. You put the top up at night, so people behind you don’t blind you. You put the top down during the day so you can see who is behind you. When you do it, make sure you can see behind you and see the entire window.
This is the side mirror. You only want to see part of the door behind the passenger and it’s already fixed and it’s the same as the other side, which is right here, and so beautiful.
This is the life of the car. This is your rotations per minute, miles per hour, this is how you tell how fast you are going, and in the neighborhood it’s only 20 so just stay at that low mark. And that’s your gas, which I need to fill up, and that’s how you know if your car is going overheated or is going super freezing cold. Now a “p” on there, says I’m in park right now and that’s how many miles and stuff I’ve gotten.
We start facing both hands at 10 and 20 on it, as it was a clock, to backup you let go and you grab this and there is a button (make sure your foot is on the brake), there is a button and you put it into reverse. Look both ways and look behind you to make sure no one is there, and you slowly let go the brakes, you don’t press gas because you usually hit a car. You just look both ways and turn. You do hand over hand, hand over hand, hand over hand. You turn back to get into your lane, which should be in the right lane, don’t get off lane or you’ll die. You press the …. slowly. You look, every time you have a street you look and make sure no car is coming or turning fast because they just don’t like you.
You keep all nice, all the mirrors and .… . We are coming to our first turn, so we are going to slow down a little bit and we are going to hand over hand motion hand over hand and slowly, like gently, let go and usually it goes back to normal .… so you gently press the …. again. Hey! We are coming to our second stop sign. We are going to about 100 feet, we are going to slow down and stop. You put your blinker on, blinker, and you do hand, you slowly, hand over hand not too fast ‘cause you’ll just die, and let slowly go back to normal.
We are coming to a …. stop sign and we are going to press the brake slowly about 100 feet away from the thing, the thing …. . You’ll look left, right, left, center, behind you and you can go. You slowly press the acceleration, don’t press too fast ‘cause that would just be horrible, don’t press the brake too hard ‘cause that would be even more horrible. Ok … right turn, so you are not gonna like turn dramatically, () you are just gonna “s….” a little bit, like a little “tin…”, like “cent…”, half a centimeter. And you come to a complete stop at the stop sign. There’s not much turning so I’m gonna let the guy go.
We are coming to a street with a car, but he’s not turning, yet, so keep an eye, and I had a top sign so I just had to stop, so I got right away, he didn’t, so he can’t just like cut in front of me. We are coming to a stop sign, about 100 feet stop. Look both ways, you keep going, press the …. slowly, don’t wanna do it too fast. You look ‘cause there’s a street again, you just wanna make sure because if there’s some, if there is like a car hiding behind a bush and you don’t see any sharply turn in front of you will probably get into an accident, that’s is naughty, oh, slight chance, it is a problem.
Oh, you’re coming to a complete stop at this stop sign and you look, there’s a car behind me but she’s not stopping yet because he is too far behind me and you gently press the acceleration. You repeat this until you get to your destination and I’m going to teach you real quick how to pull into the gas station and to park.
Ok, so I’m going to put my blinker on to the guy behind me, knows where I’m going. And you are going to do hand over hand, and you are gonna let go, hand over hand to other way, to the left. You slowly go, in parking lots you go slower than in neighborhoods, ‘cause there’s people walking around and I’m going to park behind this Ranch truck and you slowly hit the brakes. You don’t do too fast, ok, you can come to a complete stop. You have your foot on the brake you don’t have it on the …. . You are using only one foot for the acceleration. This foot is over here. Ok, using a hand it doesn’t really matter, I like to use my right hand, you press the button and you push forward to where it says “P”. I learned how to drive two years ago and drivers ….and that’s how good I am.

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